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Welcome to Artistic-Orgonite.com, we create beautiful and functional Orgonite protection devices, made from natures best and unique ingredients.

Blue Pyramid with Turquoise and Pasta Our devices are formed into Sacred Geometry Objects such as Pyramids, Coils,
Circles, Stars, Shells and several other unique shapes.

Our products are put together using the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich with Orgone. In 1992, Karl Hans Welz invented Orgonite®, a new orgone accumulating material. Orgonite®, is more effective than the subsequent combinations, such as layers of steel wool and fiber glass or celotex.

We are excited to be able to bring you Artistically Functional Orgonite for Mother Earth, and your garden, or your own personal protection against EMF and Microwave signals.

Orgonite's usefulness is vast and varied, it can be used in Feng Shui, Going Green in a home or office setting. Protecting you and your surroundings from computer monitor output, Orgonite blocks microwave signals from , EMF, refrigerators, cell phone towers and cell phones.

Orgonite attracts all energies, good and bad and transmutes them into positive energies creating a calm and clear atmosphere. The "magic" happens through it's matrix of resin and alternating layers of metal and organic content.

Energy travels up the copper coil, passing through semi-precious stones and minerals then exiting though a double terminated crystal.

(see more on the process on our "info" page.


Uniquely Made - Each Piece is wonderfully different, full of life and just beautiful.

- Sun Reporter

Amazing in the light.. couldn't believe how it has an arua around it, drew me right in.

- Festival Visitor

Had to have one for me, the wife and kids, thinking about getting one for Fido and maybe that old scruffy cat.

- Crazed Dog Lover

I saw it, then I held it, that was it, I had to have it.

- Times Review

The Shrooms are perfect for my sacred space and gardens. It wasn't long after I put them in I noticed a big difference in my plants, they Love em.

- Green Thumb


Orgonite Chakra Rods modeled after the Egyptian Healing Rods of Ra. Also coming soon Caduces Coil Orgonite Rods of Hermes. Amazing Engery! Acceuenate your Aura, See Aura's easier, heal the spirit and mind and body....



Niles River Fest 2011 Auguest 4th through the 7th

Michiana Reggae Fest Aug 13th

South Bend Art Beat August 27th


Check out our new line "Shrooms" for your Garden, Medicine Wheels, Water Gardens, Ponds, Landscaping, Fairy Gardens, Sacred Spots and total yard protection.

Made into the shapes of cones, caps and mushrooms, these beauties are right at home next to your favorite plants or shrubbery's, and they will love you for it.

Garden "Shrooms"

Each "Shroom" contains a copper pipe filled with orgonite and a Herkimer Diamond to help your greenery grow and grow. Check out the "Info" page for research regarding Orgonite and Plant Growth.

Citrine "Fire" Pyramid

Contains a Citrine Main Crystal with Carnelian, Gold Pyrite and Yellow Calcite. Powerful Pyramid for Healing and a direct boost to your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.

Order your own Custom Ogonite Today... contact us now...

Caduces Coil Charging Plate
with Real Cardinal Wings

A brave Cardinal fell to earth and gave of it's wings so that they could be preserved in Orgonite. This beautiful charging plate contains a copper rod, all 7 chakra stones lined up and a crystal ball at the top of the rod.



Price: $65.00


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